Virtual Bookkeeping Services

Client Testimonials

QuickBooks Support Expertise

Not everyone will help you with QB just when you need it- but James did! I loved that he was even willing to come to my office. Can't beat that! Thank you so much! Recommend you highly! – L. N.

James has helped our firm tremendously. He is very knowledgeable with Quickbooks software and has a strong commitment to his work and making sure everything is done timely and accurately. – M. H.

Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses

James is very smart and helpful at a great rate! Hope to have him as my company's bookkeeper for many years. - C. F.

When it came to setting up our business on QuickBooks and making sure things keep running smoothly there is only one person I trust - "The QuickBooks Guy" – A. S.

James managed my company’s books and managed them well handling a volume of daily transactions well beyond what an average business contends with. I found him to be a true professional: knowledgeable, reliable, and trustworthy. And he’s a great guy to boot. James will get the job done for you. – F. A.

James has kept our bookkeeping since January of 2012! He's done an amazing job and made it stress-free for us. I love having someone I can count on to get the tedious task of bookkeeping completed in a timely fashion. Thank you, James! – L. P.

A Real Accounting Professional

James was hired on a contract basis once a week to help oversee the payroll and taxes at my prior job, which was a 501(C)3 non profit corporation. James automated our QuickBooks to download charges into the correct categories which helped with keeping track of our cash flow and keeping our bank reconciliations current. He also ensured our state and federal employers tax were paid in a timely and accurate manner to avoid fines or penalties. James was an incredible person to work with and I learned many wonderful, useful and accurate pearls of wisdom from him. James is highly professional, he dresses like a CPA but he doesn't have the snotty "I know better than you aura" which most accounting professionals seem to develop! So whether you need his services to just get your business set up and started, or whether you need longer term help from him, he is honest, willing and able to take care of all of your bookkeeping needs. We gave him a key to our building and he let himself in and out and set the alarm when he was done. He is THAT trust worthy. Such a weight off our minds. – B. L.