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Online Bookkeeping For Law Firms

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The cloud-based bookkeeping packages offered by The QuickBooks Guy, LLC are an especially good fit for lawyers and attorneys because they save time and money. While you're busy meeting with clients, we're busy managing your bookkeeping so you always know where your firm stands financially. Our online accounting software and financial tools make your financial data accessible from virtually any place you can jump on an internet connection. This convenient, completely virtual system allows us to help process your bookkeeping and gives you quick access to your financials 24/7.

Managing your bookkeeping on a cloud platform is both safer and more practical than traditional desktop accounting software. When your financial information is living on a local hard drive it can be stolen, destroyed in a natural disaster, or burned up in a fire. But, when it's in the cloud, it's safe from theft and the elements. The online accessibility also allows us to oversee your transactions regularly to help keep your data organized and error-free.

Sole proprietors, attorneys, and multi-partner law firms benefit from our full range of online bookkeeping services. Request a free consultation online or call 678-923-5904 now to learn more.

Bookkeeping Services for Lawyers and Attorneys